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PostSubject: CareerCruising   CareerCruising Icon_minitimeThu Dec 09, 2010 10:35 am

these are my results lmao achaelogist?!?! WOOOOOOOOOOOOW!

Uncovering the past through its tools, buildings, artworks, and other relics.

Art / Music Therapist
Using the creative power of art or music to help people deal with physical, emotional, and psychological problems.

Art Dealer
Do you love art and have a good head for business and sales?

Choreographer / Dance Instructor
Share your love of dance by developing and teaching dance routines, or by providing dance instruction to students.

Using art and science to restore paintings, antiques, and other valuable or historical objects.

Costume Designer
Circus costumes, 18th-century gowns, futuristic alien uniforms—it's fashion design with a dramatic flair!

“Run the show” in theater, film, or television productions.

Exhibit Designer
Do you enjoy creative challenges?

Combine artistic flower arrangement with a love of growing things in one of the most pleasant working environments there is: a flower shop.

Image Consultant
Help people develop their personal style as an image consultant.

Interior Decorator
Using paint, furnishings, artwork, and other surface decorations to beautify interior spaces.

Interior Designer
Making the indoor spaces where we live and work beautiful.

Makeup Artist
Skilled makeup artists can make young people look old, old people look young, plain people look exotic, and all of the above look like aliens.

Take photos of weddings, families, fashion models, news events, cars, food, nature, foreign destinations, or whatever catches your eye.

These journalists document the world through pictures, rather than words.

Picture Framer
A combination of visual arts and hands-on craft work.

Sign Maker
Look around you. Signs are everywhere, and most of them were made by professional sign makers.

Special Effects Technician
Creating the realistic storms, explosions, gore, and computer animations that we see every day in film and television.

Tattoo Artist
The art of tattooing didn’t start with Hell’s Angels or the Red Hot Chili Peppers; it goes back thousands of years.

Visual Merchandiser
Draw customers into stores by designing and creating attractive displays.

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PostSubject: um...   CareerCruising Icon_minitimeWed Jan 19, 2011 6:30 am

personally...i think they all pretty much fit you XD
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